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Here at Middlesex Pest Control we are all about protecting our customers and their families from pests. This week we have an article about Termite Prevention Tips. You can use these tips to protect your home or business from Termites this year! It’s important to remember that termites are never a do it yourself type problem so if you find them contact a professional like Middlesex Pest Control to help you today!

  1. Treat Wood – It really helps if you can treat as much of the wood you are worried about as possible. There are different options for treating wood and if you can treat your wood in your home or business you should especially if you live in a problem termite area.
  2. Keep Property Clean – One of the more important things you can do to combat termites is keep your property clean. If your property is clean this will let you notice any pests or changes that happen. If your house is dirty it will not only attract termites and other pests it will make it hard to tell when you do have pests.
  3. Control/Prevent Breeding – One way in which you can control termite breeding on your property is to control the water source. Termite colonies need water to survive and often use the moisture from the water to farm bacteria they need to survive. So, make sure you remove all standing water or constant water sources termites can use to establish a colony.
  4. Keep Up with Vegetation – One way the termites may enter your property is from vegetation that is touching the home. If you have vegetation or gardening touching your home you should consider moving it at least 5 ft. from the home. This added barrier will make it harder for pests’ species like termites to get into your home.
  5. If you Find Termites Call a Professional – Termites are a huge problem and should be dealt with professionally. Even if you just find a few termites it’s better to be safe than sorry with termites considering they can cost you thousands of dollars in damage. If you suspect your dealing with termites in the greater Boston area contact Middlesex Pest Control today and let us help you!

If you or someone you know is dealing with pests in the greater Boston area contact Middlesex Pest Control today and let us solve all your pest problems! We can solve any pest problem no matter if it’s for your home or businesses call Middlesex Pest Control Now! Let one of our dedicated team members come help you with all your pest problems now!


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