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Those of you who have kids can imagine how frightening it would be to hear that your kids were attacked by animals while at school. Imagine hearing that at work. You would no-doubt react in sheer panic. Something like this recently happened, only it may be an exaggeration to use the world “animals.” It is not like a group of tigers descended upon several students during recess. However, one student did end up aggravating a whole lot of bees, which resulted in more than forty students having to receive hospital treatment for bee stings.

After a student at the Palmdale High School Campus knocked down a beehive, at least sixty people were stung. The incident happened less than a month ago on a Wednesday around noon, right after students returned from class after lunch. Apparently, the bees became aggressive after a student threw an apple at a beehive, knocking it down. It is still not yet known if the beehive was inside or outside the school.

According to one student, the bees became noticeable only after one guy had been stung in the face by a few of them. After one student was stung multiple times, a hoard of bees seem to have appeared out of nowhere. Soon every person in or near the cafeteria was at risk of being stung. The heavy bee presence resulted in a mass panic.

Another student, Gabriel Orozco, admits that after being stung once, he began to swat the air around him violently, hoping to fend-off further stings. He soon noticed around five more bees coming his way, so he started to run. However, Orozco was stung a total of ten times. The bee attacks hurt so badly that Orozco could not help crying afterwards as a result.

The Assistant Fire Chief, Gerald Cosey, told news outlets that forty three of the stung children were sent to hospitals. The bees were identified as African honey bees, not to be confused with Africanized honey bees, or AKA killer bees. Luckily, no serious allergic reactions were reported.

How would you respond if a group of angry bees invaded your territory?

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