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Here at Middlesex Pest Control we are all about protecting our customers and their families from pests. That is why we have created a list to help you and your family doge ant infestations this year! You can use these tips by Middlesex Pest Control to protect your home or residence from ants this year! Don’t forget if you have a pest problem in the greater Boston area and need help contact Middlesex Pest Control now!

  1. Remove Moisture – Ants require standing water and moisture to survive somewhere to remove these water sources to reduce your risk.
  2. Always Keep Your Kitchen Clean – Always make sure to clean up any crumbs or leftover food left behind in any area as this will draw ants into your home!
  3. Do Dishes Often – Make sure that you don’t leave out your dishes to attract pests clean them as soon as possible.
  4. Don’t Leave Out Dog/Cat Food – Many people leave out large sums of animal food for their pets for long periods of time. This will bring ants and other pest species into your home so be careful and try and remove the food source once your pet is done eating.
  5. Check All Around – Pest hide in hard to access areas so don’t leave these areas unchecked make sure you check all the hard to see and get areas of your home if you want to combat pests.
  6. Keep Yard Clean – Pests like ants’ love lots of vegetation and tree branches going from the yard to the home. These are easy corridors right into your home so remove any branches or vegetation touching the home.
  7. Seal All Cracks – Sealing the crack on your homes foundation will help all pests stay out of your property not just ants!

If you or someone you know is dealing with pests in the greater Boston area contact Middlesex Pest Control today and let us solve all your pest problems! We can solve any pest problem no matter if it’s for your home or businesses call Middlesex Pest Control Now! Let one of our dedicated team members come help you with all your pest problems now!


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