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5 Signs You Have Mice in Your Home:

We receive hundreds of calls each week regarding mice. During the cold months mice is the #1 pest issue many New England residents face. If you are wondering whether you have a mice issue in your home this blog post can help you. Here are the top 5 signs you may have a rodent infestation in your home and need pest control help.

1. Droppings

Mice leave between 50 to 100 droppings a night (maybe even more depending on the infestation level) so if mice are in your house you are eventually going to see droppings. Droppings are most commonly found around their nests, areas where they frequent to retrieve water or food and pathways they travel back and forth from their nest(s). We know it can be a gross comparison but droppings are eerily similar to sprinkles used for ice cream (jimmies for you New England folks).

2. Noises at Night

Mice generally rest during the day and do their work at night. If you are hearing sounds in the walls, attic or around your kitchen area between the hours of 9 PM – 5 AM there is a very good chance you have mice. Mice are continually chewing items so many times what you will be hearing is gnawing inside the wall.

3. Odor / Smell

The smell of mouse urine is fairly distinct and pungent, and it gets stronger the closer you get to places that they have been frequenting. If certain areas of your house smell forcefully of ammonia, then there is a good chance you might have a mouse problem. Mice urinate fairly frequently, which is one of the reasons the smell is so strong. T

4. Nest / Nesting Materials

Mice often hunt for for soft and shredded material, which they then use to create their nests. The material they use to build nests can include torn cloth, strings, shredded paper, mattress or pillow stuffing, and food wrappers. Mice then turn the collected items into a ball like item, lining it with the softer materials, and live inside of it. Nests are easy to identify by their appearance and by the droppings that will most likely appear in close proximity (again, droppings – the number 1 sign you have mice). Nests are commonly found in warm areas that are close to a food source, like behind the stove or in a kitchen pantry.

5. You See A Mouse

This most obvious sign of them all is that you actually see a mouse in your home. Live or dead if you see a mouse there is a very good chance there are more mice somewhere within your property. Mice can breed quickly too so if you see a mouse go running past you at night don’t chalk it up as just a lonely mouse that was lost. There is more than likely many others hiding out somewhere in your garage, walls or pantry.

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