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Once the warm (and especially when the real hot) weather hits New England you can expect homes to start seeing ants. And those big black ants you see? Well, those are carpenter ants and they are looking to start eating the wood in your home and creating a nice little nest for their colony.

Follow these steps to prevent Carpenter Ant infestations:

  1. Correct moisture problems, roof leaks, and plumbing leaks. Carpenter ants love moisture.
  2. Cut back tree limbs or branches that could serve as a bridge to your structure.
  3. Seal cracks & openings around the foundation, especially where utility pipes and wires enter from the outside. However, if ants are already inside wait to do this.
  4. Stack firewood away from the house, elevated off the ground if possible. Carpenter Ants love to nest in firewood so keep away from home.

Feel free to call us for further information or if the carpenter ants have already made their way into your home. We would be happy to help you.

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